6 Mar 2009

by Mariu
Don´t forget to exfoliate your face 2 times a week and to ALWAYS clean it
AFTER and BEFORE any make up application.- Choose your foundation after testing it on your face to make sure that it covers your skin correctly and that it suits your skin perfectly.
- Remember that your face is also very exposed and therefore you should use foundations with SPF to protect your skin.
- You can mix it either with water or with an everyday Cream to make more fluid.

There are many foundations to choose, the Maybelline Dream Matt is good to give you a more tanned look, but it has some shimmers that I don't actually like.

After applying your concealer and foundation make sure you put on some pressed powder very lightly on the "T-zone" (forehead, nose, moustache area and chin).

Remember! You should bare in mind the type of skin and the age of the person you are applying make up on... the powder accentuates wrinckles, so make sure to never apply it under the eyes.

- It is veeeery important to invest money on good brushes, meaning you should use synthetic for productsthat contain cream, and natural hair brushes for the rest of your make up items.
- You will find lots of shapes and sizes, so if you are a starter take a look at the once above. Try to practise and you'll notice how useful each of them are. I need lots of these storages!! As long as I am concerned, having your things organized (and clean!) are two things you´ll never regret and that will save you a lot of time whenever you need something.