30 Jun 2009

Thumbs up, TIGHTS UP
By Mariu
Very elegant ones, for a cocktail party or to create a sutil overall look.
Cute! I think white or very pale tights are so adorable, just because they remind me of my childhood, as well as ponytails =)
Original and simple.
Another version, for a warmer weather.
The importance of shoes that really gives u the idea of a good or trashy look.
Zippers and pumps, very Fergie (I love her)
Sigh - I want an Urban outfitters store over here!!
Touch of colour, who said tights are only useful to give u warmth? Have fun and be aware that within the wide variety of designs, some don´t fit us tthe way we want.

28 Jun 2009

Dresses Foreverrrrr r r . . .
By Mariu
Unfortunately, where I live (South America) we do not have a Forever 21 store =( and I feel so sad because buying and shipping is very complicated, not to say expensive. Anyways, here I upload some of my favourites so that u know all the cool dresses they're selling.
Strapless Pleat Front Dress - heart shaped.
Mia Abstract Print Top - Lovely one, just has a very nice bra area and a nice cut
H81 Mixed Print Chiffon Dress - Casual, very casual.
Country Plaid Tunic - Sweet and simple?

Pincheck Halter Dress - I saw this one and immediately said SEEEEXY! So discrete and sensual =)

15 Jun 2009

By Mariu

Shoes worn by Nicole Ritchie at a Unicef charity event. SUPERB lol, funny word.

Venice inspires me to think about masks and how much I enjoy thinking my own.

I like the hair accesorie, but I think this picture makes it look even better, the colour, the eye make up and the combination of cian, magenta and yellow.-
I have already told you I am fond of elephants, specially this one. ;)
If you have pieces of cloth or fabrics that you like but cannot use because they are too small, here´s an idea: your own necklace of wrapped favourites! Luella blows my mind... love you designers that work for that brand hehe.

Thanks for making comments. So far, all of you share similar tastes with me and let me congratulate you, you have grat blogs. =)

9 May 2009

By Mariu

I am glad enough to post again because although I have been off for a while, I still received lovely comments =)
I loooooove the volume on this dress, love the background, the refflection on the floor anf the contrast of colour and textures. And what is more important: the model doesn't stand out more than the design ;)
Camper shoes Jame Hay - they are something different...
Escada Spring 2009 - very egyptian, very elegant despite the striking red.

Miu Miu studded leather wallet - $415
Handmade objects, or the combination of industrial procuction and handmade work ¿?

29 Apr 2009

By Mariu
Erin Fetherston Spring 2009 - neutral colours and great skirt!
DVF - Flower power or whatever... hair and makeup was fabulous.
One shoulder silk organza dress - $495
Matte silk v-strap tank with large bow - $390
Lauren Conrad looks stunning to me; see that blondes can wear yellow mustard colours and still look amazing?!

13 Apr 2009

By Mariu
This room is excellently equiped and has everything disposed as needed, so I will give it 5 stars; starting with the sewing machine, then the storages and the phone! I am starting to feel upset with the way my room looks nowadays lol.
Just like me, this person decided to order the threads by colour.
Those cartboxes have a great design, it reminds me of William Morris' patterns, which I am a fun of...
To place yout umbrellas or just your paper gift wraps.
You can do this by wrapping a handkerchief box with prints you like and then glue it in 10 minutes or less.
All of this pictures were taken from Flickr, so if you want more feel free to search there to find more pics.

11 Apr 2009

By Mariu
Fashion is cyclic, so prints and textures come to stores renewed and this is how we never get over with floral, stripped and other prints as well.
Miu Miu studded leather wallet $415
Metallic Stevie Strapless Dress $695
Strapless Floral Dress by Morgan McFeeters - $178
Floral Skirt by H&M - $40

Soooo cute and so adultlike, don't you think?
Emerald Print Blouse By Quail - $191

Sorry for being delayed on the updates, but university has got me veeery busy designing.
=) thanks for checking out and for your comments.