19 Mar 2009

By Mariu

I first want to tell everyone that posted a comment that you make me really happy =)
To all of you that are wondering where do I get this images from, here are some of the sites I have been visiting lately:
- topshop
- asos.com
- shoplanetblue.com
- peeps.com
- mybagsvendor.com
This one is a basic v-neck t-shirt, great to make your chest look longer and slimmer; it is longer on the sides to give you that idea of elongated body because the cotton embraces your hips.
If you wear something baggy in your top, then your bottom should be more tight and viceversa. You should see what body parts you are most likely to stand out and which ones you want to make softer.

Lovely bag, comfortable and a colour that matches absolutely everything.

This coat is very chic, meaning that is elegant and the way it is made makes your neck less uncovered; you can add a scarve or a good pair of earings and that is all.
See that flat shoes can be as charming as heels sometimes? It all depends on how you compliment your clothes.

I recently got this perfume Pretty Nina by Nina Ricci, but the lady that sold it to me gave me the Eau de Toilette instead of the Eau de Parfum, so it seems that the scent of it is less concentrated and fixative, it does not last as much as the other one. Anyways, I like it for spring time since it is very fresh and fruity, but once I finish it I will start to look for another fragrance that has sandalwood or vanilla, which are my favourites and have a much stronger odour.