11 Mar 2009

by Mariu
When it comes to blushes, the right application is the one that will give the natural look.
To start with you'll need to place your middle and index fingers vertically beside the nose; the uncovered cheek part is where you should be applying it.
The very well-known powder blush - it wakens up your complexion. The best way to apply it is to do it with circular motions on the apple of your cheeks, you can do this by smiling.
This mousse glace is perfect to highlight the top of your cheeks, just apply gently and you'll get a golden sutil gleam that stands out your skin. Good for summer!

Cream blush - I use this for wedding specially because it stays for much more time, and you don't want to kiss so many guests and end up with no blush on ;)
Apply it before the pressed powder and after this one put on some powder blush.
The Multiple by Nars - I actually do not have this one, but still believe it is great for women who don't like to carry too much make up on their purses. You can use it as a blush, as a lipstick and as an eye shadow... 3 in 1, good!

Sculpt and shape fabulous - I totally love this item considering I have a round face. I just suck in my cheeks and apply it brushing upwards, with an angle brush. The lighter color is to accentuate, so for more cheekbones simply highlight your natural bone structure.
TIP: for broad noses try applying the darkest brown at the sides and blend in.