15 Jun 2009

By Mariu

Shoes worn by Nicole Ritchie at a Unicef charity event. SUPERB lol, funny word.

Venice inspires me to think about masks and how much I enjoy thinking my own.

I like the hair accesorie, but I think this picture makes it look even better, the colour, the eye make up and the combination of cian, magenta and yellow.-
I have already told you I am fond of elephants, specially this one. ;)
If you have pieces of cloth or fabrics that you like but cannot use because they are too small, here´s an idea: your own necklace of wrapped favourites! Luella blows my mind... love you designers that work for that brand hehe.

Thanks for making comments. So far, all of you share similar tastes with me and let me congratulate you, you have grat blogs. =)

1 comment:

  1. Love that mask and those flowers are so colorful and pretty!