30 Jun 2009

Thumbs up, TIGHTS UP
By Mariu
Very elegant ones, for a cocktail party or to create a sutil overall look.
Cute! I think white or very pale tights are so adorable, just because they remind me of my childhood, as well as ponytails =)
Original and simple.
Another version, for a warmer weather.
The importance of shoes that really gives u the idea of a good or trashy look.
Zippers and pumps, very Fergie (I love her)
Sigh - I want an Urban outfitters store over here!!
Touch of colour, who said tights are only useful to give u warmth? Have fun and be aware that within the wide variety of designs, some don´t fit us tthe way we want.


  1. Those tights are super cute! I love the special designed ones!

  2. they are so fun to and easy to get your outfit cute:D

  3. cute!!
    I like the black stripes one!! really pretty

  4. fab tights!