15 Mar 2009

By Mariu
I would like to make clear that what follows has definitely nothing to do with sparkling diamonds or great metals... it is just fantasy to open our eyes and escape from reality hehe (Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody).
I loooove this ones. You see, I like doing handmade objects like necklaces, but when it comes to materials such as these, I just gasp hoping to find an earing like this one... it is pretty complicated to create this stuff on your own or at least to achieve one that looks similar.
When I first gave a look at this wings I thought they were cute and dreamful. But, after staring at them for some minutes, I noticed that the material they are made of looked really chunky and cheap. Not to mention the fact that every time I see them it reminds me of the wings miss Nicole Ritchie has tattooed on her back =S
Attracted by the combination of colours and by hearts... they will always be lovely to me.
Very casual and adequate for a daytime look: not too shiny, neither too big.
Happy Sunday everyone and thanks to my 4 followers ;)


  1. these earrings are absolutely gorgeous! i love the first 3 pairs especially! :)

  2. oooh i love all of them. i really need to update my earring collection. it's a small detail that makes all the difference. also i love those dresses you posted in your last post, all of them!!!