13 Mar 2009

By Mariu
Since I have not been going out lately, I found my way to rejoice by choosing which dresses I would wear to hit out the city... hehe that sounded corny right?
Anyways, I have the tendency of wearing bright clothes, even though I try to find an equilibrium by complementing them with very simple accesories, purse and shoes.

Nº 1
Nº 2 - Very delicate, I would wear it with an important pair of golden earings and I would definitely try to find my way to get some tan.

Nº 3 - Vanessa Hudgens wore this one at a premiere, but I must say I liked it before she was pictured in it. It seems very comfortable.

Nº 4 - I am not a huge fan of leggins, but I think this girl makes that dress and those leggins look like a great duo. I was trapped by the movement of the print, it actually continues on the back... just lovely.
Nº 5 - I imagine this dress on Victoria Beckham and I inmediatelly see how her hair and make up would be: very neat and tidy, pulled backwards with smokey eyes, as usual. But this girl kept it very simple both on the hair and make up and still looks stunning, at least to me. Very refreshing to see how such a gorgeous mini-dress can be exposed that good.
Nº 6 - It goes either with sandals or with heels and I would rather style my hair with an up do but with a black bow.
Nº 7 - This one is more formal and I love its texture.

Nº 8 - One of my favourites, probably because the light fabric has a nice movement and falls in a descrete peak.
Nº 9 - I like how the models' hairstyle matches the dress, but I'm not so sure neither about the belt nor the heels. This electric blue suits brunettes and blondes, and I like it even more because the fabric is not shinny.

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