9 Mar 2009

Best makeup tool: Eyelash curler - it is veeeery useful, specially if your lashes are straight. It makes your eyes look wider.
1) Change the pads of the curler for every two months
2) You can heat the curler gently with a heat blower for not more than five seconds (be careful since over heat of the metal can result in burning of your eyelid)
3) To avoid breakage of eyelashes remeber to apply mascara after curling your eyelashes
4) Make sure that the tool must not come over the skin of the eyelid, specially if you are doing a makeup on someone else.
It is a matter of applying the product and deciding wether or not the mascara provides you what you want...
Both types of mascara, water-soluble or waterproof, have their advantages; if you use contact lenses, I recommend waterproof mascara.
The right colour depends on what look you want to achieve:
- to accentuate light coloured eyes, try with blue mascara, it can work
- for a more antural one, choose brown. I am particualrly a pro brown-black (chocolate ¿?) mascara; it actually works with every ayeshadow palet.
Black liquid liner - it is always a plus, making your eyes more intense and remarkable.
Perfect for the eye-cat look ;)
This duo is great to carry it with you in your purse.
White widens your eyes. I use it when I have a sleepy face, when I have seen a movie and cried a lot and just need to do a quick make-over (apply on your lower lashline, then put some dark eyeshadow below your lower lashes and voila!).
This Bobbi Brown palette is set as an example of the variety of colours you should keep in your purse. It is ideal for a day, a night or a day to night make up look.
Neutral and grey eye shadows pull it off amazingly because it works out with everything and can be either sutil or very dramatic, in case you want a smokey eye.
My personal advice: simplicity is good when applying eye shadow. And dedicating some time to blend out colours is even better.


  1. i had no idea you're supposed to change the pads on your eyelash curler so often!

  2. I took that tip from a magazine; it said it is recommended so that it gives a better result, but it depends on how much you use it (which it shouldn´t be that frequently because it breaks your lashes).