10 Mar 2009

by Mariu
- The plumping effect - you can achieve it by applying a generous slick of lip balm and let the lips absorb it. Then draw a line slightly contouring the lip using a natural lip liner; fill the rest with a natural lipstick. Apply lip-gloss in the middle part in order to create more volume.
- Cinnamon is a natural plumper, so if you find products that contain this don't think twice.
Bright and shiny lip-glosses are perfect for thin lips, but if you have a voluptuous mouth you might apply it and blend it out with a lipstick.
I really loved the above set because it has everything needed to prepare your mouth correctly.
To make your mouth look tidy enough, use a brush with a small amount of concealer or foundation to touch up the skin sourrounding the mouth, just to balance unevenly shaped lips.
HELP! keeping lipstick off your teeth - cover your finger with a tissue and, as if it were a lollypop, put it between your lips recreating an "O"; pull out your finger once and that's it.

If you want to go for a more matte look, try with a thin tissue on your lips and then with a brush apply loose powder.
Remember that to create the perfect colour sometimes it is necessary to blend lipsticks and/or glosses, so you should use a lip brush to make those lips look even.

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