23 Mar 2009

By Mariu
I apologize for not posting these past days but I couldn't get into my blog because of an internet problem.
So here are 5 lovely options...
The velvet makes it really elegant and I am so into this type of jackets, because you can fold it and create, I guess, a more boho (more informal) look with a shirt below.
This removable synthetic fur makes the difference.

I am in love with this shirt, which I thought it was a jacket. I stand out the dark blue making some contrast with the white animals (I don't know their name).
If you want to avoid the folding part I mentioned before, just buy one theat has it all.
It's length is important... since you have shorter arms, you must elongate the middle area and make you look slimmer.
This leather item rocks my senses. I not only see an amazing jacket, but I can also imagine a purse with this impressive light brown and its texture seems to be very soft.

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