25 Mar 2009

Which one's your favourite?
By Mariu
Nancy Gonzalez brilliant croc slim clutch
Cute, tiny and shinny, to finish a night black outwear.
Marc Jacobs (loooove) crystal quilted stam satchel $2350 - I will have to resign some hours of sleep and to work extra hours, but I will own a bag like this one day =)
Miu Miu clutch, I am not so sure though - isn't this colour gorgeous? I like the fact that it is flat.
mcm mob
I enjoy designers that give special attention to details and that understand that interiors have to be as attractive as the rest... plaids, peacocks or stripes that don't match the outside of purses or cases at all are also very nice.
Despite the fact I am not english, I like shields, patterns and flags as much as I love hearts.

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